Who We Are

Hands of Love Blessings, Inc. in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a non-profit organization that came into existence in order to become a voice for all those children and their families residing in the Dominican Republic and other countries worldwide that are dying because they have no food, clothing or shelter. Not only are they doing without the physiological needs but most importantly need to have God in their lives. They need to know that God has not forgotten them and that He is sending people like YOU and ME to help them and letting them know that there is someone out there supporting them. With our missions and chapel in Santo Domingo we aim to provide them with food, clothing, education, medical, and spirituality.

We have a burning passion to God, children and their families. YOU and I will be able to give them the hope and belief that God has not forgotten them. Through our hands of love, we will be bringing them the blessings that will put back a smile on their face and the fire to their heart and soul. YOU and I can help these children and their families establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and know what it is like to experience His unconditional love.

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